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About Us


MSR Security is a unique dynamic company which seeks to enhance the protection of its customers, personnel services and assets by means of purposeful and cost effective risk management services.


To provide an effective and efficient security services, by utilizing skilled trained personnel supported by advanced technology and a holistic approach to managing client’s risks and assets.

Respond to emergency situations or conditions and provide assistance or take action to the crises situation within legal limits of the authority.


The company was founded in 2006 and growing fast in a very competitive market.

Servicing the West Rand and Magaliesburg.

We render services in alarm installations, monitoring and armed response. MSR diversified into a guarding division with well trained guards rendering service in assess control, protection and specialized areas.

MSR Security is proactive, result-driven business, focused on deterring all potential criminal activity. Add their numerous years of experience and you have the perfect partner to provide you with customized security solutions. These customized security solutions will take into account your unique, everyday needs.

Even better, all MSR Security solutions offer state of the art technology and extensively trained guards in order to protect the things important to you. With such a wide, professional range of innovative solutions, excellent service and state of the art technology, why would you partner yourself with another security provider?

Go with the one you can trust, the one that deliver and protects – go with MSR Security!


  • We innovate and lead in a changing world
  • We aspire to offer the preferred choices of products and service
  • We build long lasting relationship with clients based on trust
  • We are endlessly concerned with our client’s needs and perceptions.


  • Alarms
  • Armed reaction
  • Guards – domestic and corporate
  • VIP Protection
  • CCTV
  • Electric Fencing
  • Access control
  • Intercom Systems
  • Beams and perimeter protection
  • Gate motors
  • Outdoor passives

MSR Security’s guards are proactive, disciplined and always on patrol. Being in constant radio contact with the control room and other guards they can respond efficiently and promptly to any criminal activity or other related incidents.

MSR provides innovative CCTV solutions in industrial, commercial as well as residential environments. MSR new advance CCTV technology can be installed anywhere, to monitor any activity – on site as well as remotely.

MSR professional consultants have been extensively trained to expose any elements promptly. MSR will assess you perimeter security requirements and provide the perfect solution, no matter the size of the project.


MSR runs a 24 hour /365 days per year service, operating on a private radio frequency for communication purposes. Contracts are supervised on a 24 hour basis. Guards are deployed on our target market area, which enable us to provide additional guards at our client’s request, at short notice. We also do guarding on our special request, e.g. year end functions, auctions, repossessions, etc.


PSIRA stipulates the standard and grading of security officers employed by us. The prescribed grades acquired through accredited training centers apply to the position held by any specific security officer. On-site induction and training is also done during deployment at any specific location.

We are able to better any written quotation from any competitive registered security company